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→ December, 2012: Debian on ASUS 1225b — Debian Wheezy mostly runs fine on the ASUS 1225b; this details my installation steps and a few other things.

→ March 19, 2012: watch make test — Simple, cheap trick to run unit-tests all the time locally.

→ September 28, 2011: Routing VM Traffic Through Tor — As an exercise to myself, I wanted to set up a VM which had the host funnel all traffic through Tor. This is how.

Mosquito Creek (April 15, 2012) 4 photos: Went to the Mosquito Creek hostel for a few days with some friends and did a little skiing with the kids.

Hector (April 09, 2012) 3 photos: Skied Mt Hector with Neil. Great day, awesome weather. Wouldn't have believed it otherwise, but saw a group of snowshoers -- going up AND down (!!). Much preferred zipping out on skis :)

Cirque Peak (April 08, 2012) 7 photos: Neil and I skied up Cirque Peak, and found a nice couloir on the north side. Great day, and nice snow.

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