Joy 2006

July 08, 2006 | (5.5, 10p) |
participants: mike warren / esther visser / florian jungen /

I very rarely repeat long climbs due to the fact that there are tons and tons of [reportedly] great ones out there and therefore my time is best spent exploring new stuff.

Nonetheless, I have climbed Lorette twice and headed up Joy again on July 2 with Esther and Florian. Last year, I did this excellent route with Brad. Then, we had a 70m rope and only two people, so the climb went very quickly (8 hours car-to-car) partially because it had to due to us leaving the parking lot at 12:30.

This time, we had all day and took our time enjoying the sun. Florian had a whole bunch of firsts on this climb, unfortunately also including the first time dropping his camera down about 5 pitches of slabs...but also his first gear lead, first lead from not-the-ground and first anchor setup. Woo!

After topping out, we scoped a nice-looking scree gully heading down the south-ish face towards the trail. Since we had to hike back around to get the remains of Florian's camera we decided to try this. Although it wasn't quite the scree-run I was hoping for, it worked out pretty well. I think I'd still recommend finding the scramble trail (although I've not done that on either attempt ;)

I have a few pictures on flickr:

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