For Sale: Tools to Spy on You

November 28, 2011

The Wall Street Journal offers a glipse into the product offerings of shady companies selling surveillance gear -- like covertly installed keyloggers, cell-phone malware which grabs all text + images, "mass intercept" gear and more.


The documents for FinFisher, a Gamma product, say it works by "sending fake software updates for popular software." In one example, FinFisher says intelligence agents deployed its products "within the main Internet service provider of their country" and infected people's computers by "covertly injecting" FinFisher code on websites that people then visited.

Specifically with FinFisher, noted security expert Brian Krebs suggets Apple gave special treatment to the iTunes hole FinFisher exploited, waiting over 3 years to patch it (the longest of any of their updates) after being told in 2008 by an independent security researcher.

I guess the ACLU get's an "I told you so" since they had crap like this on their "Top Ten Abuses Of Power Since 9/11" back in 2006.