Hilhurst/Sunnyside Farmer's Market

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July 16, 2010

Esther and I have been down to the newly revamped Hilhurst/Sunnyside Farmer's Market (Wednesdays from 3:30 to 7pm) a couple times and it really is quite improved: a good mix of actual local farmers selling things they've grown and local bakers/cooks who've made the things they're selling. Plus, it's mostly food. The Bike Root runs a bike-valet service and there's usually been a couple things to entertain kids.

Some of the folks we've bought stuff from include Thompson Small Farm, a local all-horse-powered farm, Chinook Honey from south of Calgary (honey, mead, vinnegar, soap) and Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farm who also is importing additional veggies from BC (until more of their stuff is ready.

There's also Route 40 Soup Company from Turner Valley (some of the very best food around -- haven't tried their "take out" stuff however), a pesticide-free tomato greenhouse, local wine producer, and a couple other farms and bakers we haven't checked out.

This is a vast improvement over a few years ago when I went and it had a more "flea market" feel as most vendors were not-food. Good job to the people who made this happen. I recommend checking it out.