Holy FUCKSMASHERS, Batman: $11.3 trillion thus far...

April 24, 2009

So, what does $11.3 Trillion (or nearly 80 fucking percent of US GDP [!!]) has been pledged thus far on bailouts, and around 25% of that has been spent. This CSMonitor article tries to answer the question, "on what?!".

For sanity of comparison purposes, there are around 320 million people in the US. That bailout money equals $35,312 each. So your averate 2-adult, 1.8 kid family would be getting over $100,000 strings-free (imaginary) money if they'd just handed it out instead. (Of course, the ruling class wants to keep it in the ruling class, so instead everyone in the US now OWES A RICH PERSON around $35,312...)

...and in reality it's worse than that: WE (by which I mean the countries on Earth with a trade surplus) are lending the US money as fast as we can via their sizable (biggest ever!) trade deficit (we have a trade surplus).

No, that won't cause any problems. No siree.