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Sea Lions killed for being sea lions March 09, 2010 :: Here's a ridiculous one: ``A task force is expected to recommend that pesky sea lions that gobble up threatened salmon at Bonneville Dam be killed in order to help conserve fish runs'' ...


Genetically-engineered pigs February 19, 2010 :: This is such fucking horseshit. Problem: hosing out factory pig farms put too much pig shit in rivers, ground water, etc. Solution: genetically engineer the pigs to have less phosphorous...



Sad state of affairs November 15, 2009 :: ``Alberta elementary students can now visit provincial parks - without leaving their classroom.'' ...and without fear of lawsuits. Oh joy! What a fucking crock of shit. ...


$250 million dollar atomic waste dome March 09, 2009 :: ...located safely in the middle of the ocean. No risk of leaks there... See it also on google-maps with what looks like a neighbouring atomic test-crater..


Philippines support urban agriculture... February 06, 2009 :: response to global economic panic. Seems much more prudent than borrowing money from our children to shovel into the firey pits of the broken banking system...