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Canada Needs to Torture People to Stay Safe December 10, 2011 :: More from BoingBoing as well. CSIS needs torture or the world will end. Canada's spy agency was so reliant on information obtained through torture that it suggested the whole...



Collateral Murder August 13, 2010 :: In case you haven't heard of/seen the Wiki Leaks' "Collateral Murder" video, it is here. You can also watch a Ethan McCord's side of the story (he was one of the first infantry on...



$250 million dollar atomic waste dome March 09, 2009 :: ...located safely in the middle of the ocean. No risk of leaks there... See it also on google-maps with what looks like a neighbouring atomic test-crater..


Confidential: NATO report on Afghanistan February 19, 2009 :: A confidential NATO report on Afghanistan's civilian deaths has been leaked on Wikileaks. ``...civilian deaths from the war in Afghanistan have increased by 46% over the past year.''...