Stephen Harper Wants to Watch You Online

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November 25, 2011

Probably-upcoming bills from our friendly freedom-loving Prime Minister will force ISPs to give police subscriber information without a warrant.

Ontario Privacy Comissioner

Consider just one of the new threats to our fundamental freedoms: police could force telecoms to provide the name, address and unique device number of people (enabling online tracking) who posted comments on newspapers' websites under pseudonyms - without a warrant, without explanation and in secret.

David Fraser, lawyer

We expect to carry on our lawful lives free from police intrusion unless a judge can be persuaded that the police are justified in their intrusion into your life, including the fact that the intrusion relates to a lawful investigation into criminal wrongdoing. Lawful access would remove the only check and balance, allowing police the ability monitor citizens without any reason.

But never you worry! The police will mutter something about terrorism the entire time they're doing it, which makes it all okay. Of course, they've *never* used these powers for political repression. Never. No, no, no


wouldn't happen. Definitely not in Canada...

In fact, Scotland Yard developed their first spy photograph techniques to deal with those horrific terrorists the suffragettes...