Last week, we extracted a couple frames of honey from my hive. I tried making most of them foundationless this year and the bees decided to make some of them a little wiggly -- this turned into "really wiggly" by the end of the box where I pulled two frames from.

It was somewhat stressful trying to pull a falling-apart chunk of comb out of a hive with something like 60,000 bees in it, but the honey is pretty tasty.

Theoretically, you can use an extractor on foundationless frames, but mine were too damaged and wavy (in my non-expert opinion) to try. The alternative is to do like you would with a top-bar hive and chop all the comb into a recepticle (bowl), smash it up (potato masher) and filter it (cheesecloth over seive).

The filtering took a few hours (we left it overnight) and worked very well, getting all the wax and bee-bits (I killed a few) out. The first attempt we used three or four layers of cheesecloth which was far too much.

Chopped-out Comb
Testing the Goods
Honey Morass
Decanting Honey