We had a pretty rugged headwind (30km/h forecasted; felt about right) on most of the trip out (except bits of the 1A after Banff), which probably helped the temperature feel reasonable. The other side of the pass was a little better, but pedaling down 4% grades is never fun.

The ride home was much nicer, but I was in less and less of a state to enjoy it. After Castle, the evening ride down the 1A was pretty nice and I saw a black wolf (I'm fairly certain; miiight have been a black bear) at the first single-road section, and a bear scampered across the road a little further on. Even though it was only about 20 seconds in front of me, I couldn't see it at all as I rode by.

From Banff on was more survival, especially on the Transcanada. A fair number of cars honked in a friendly fashion; perhaps people who saw us earlier? The 1A through Morley at night seemed quite a lot rougher than normal, probably because I didn't care about dodging stuff as much.

Let me also say I was Extremely Happy to have a triple (30x26) for Big Hill. I finally rolled in at 03:30 and Esther picked me up. I had entertained thoughts before about riding home, but I was pretty happy to see the car at Crowfoot.

Update: cool kids apparently include "nutrition" information about their rides, so here's mine. canmore: cappuccino, club sandwich w/ spinach soup + ice tea. castle junction: 2 beers, 2 cookies, iced tea x2, power-cookie, chocolate bar?. castle junction (on return): 2 beers, pizza sub, 1L chocolate milk, iced tea, salt+pepper chips, cinnamon bun. cochrane: chocolate bar. Lots of water, probably filled up a dozen times on the route.

The Route.

Self Portrait somewhere between Banff and Castle Junction
Me at Castle Junction
The other two kids (Peter and Karel) arriving at Castle
Near the top of Vermillion Pass
...Which is good, 'cause I'm pretty tired
Castle in the evening light on the way back
Cool clouds (this doesn't really do them justice)
A (Great Grey?) Owl was among the photographable wildlife I saw (also a bear and a wolf [!!])