Debian on Asus 1225B
November 22, 2012 :: I've had Debian Wheezy running on my Asus 1225B for the last while, and also installed an Intel SSD. Here's how.

Firefox Always Thinks It's Running
May 16, 2012 :: Sometimes, firefox becomes convinced it's always running. This is really annoying, but there's a workaround.

watch make test
March 19, 2012 :: % watch make test


Routing VM Traffic Through Tor
September 28, 2011 :: How to set up a virtual machine connected through a VDE switch to route all traffic through Tor running on the host.

Calgary House Prices
April 16, 2011 :: Calgary median house prices since 2004.

Setting up a virtual network with KVM/QEMU and VDE
February 25, 2011 :: Setting up a minimal two-machine virtual network with a single switch which uplinks via the host. Uses Debian throughout.


Bees in my Back Yard
June 11, 2010 :: This year I took a plunge I wanted to do since last year and got a backyard bee-hive. Very exciting!

Dietary Fat
March 30, 2010 :: Saturated animal fat is terrible for you, right? Not true.

Recipe: Pastry
March 29, 2010 :: The Pastry recipe I use most often. Uses warmed butter and no "cutting", very fast.

Recipe: Lard
March 29, 2010 :: To make a good PIE, you first need a good crust. The best way to make one of these is with lard, which seems hard to acquire. So we make some.


Swine Flu Vaccine
October 26, 2009 :: ...or, why I won't be getting one.