Mosquito Creek

(4 total photos, April 15, 2012) — Went to the Mosquito Creek hostel for a few days with some friends and did a little skiing with the kids.


(3 total photos, April 09, 2012) — Skied Mt Hector with Neil. Great day, awesome weather. Wouldn't have believed it otherwise, but saw a group of snowshoers -- going up AND down (!!). Much preferred zipping out on skis :)

Cirque Peak

(7 total photos, April 08, 2012) — Neil and I skied up Cirque Peak, and found a nice couloir on the north side. Great day, and nice snow.


Hunting 2011

(2 total photos, one video, November 26, 2011) — Some photos from butchering from this year's hunting trips with Kyle. Adrian was pretty keen to help with the butchering, spending nearly 3 hours watching, using the grinder and helping Esther wrap.


(9 total photos, July 25, 2011) — Last week, we extracted a couple frames of honey from my hive. I tried making most of them foundationless this year and the bees decided to make some of them a little wiggly -- this turned into "really wiggly" by the end of the box where I pulled two frames from. It was somewhat stressful trying to pull a falling-apart chunk of comb out of a hive with something like 60,000 bees in it, but the honey is pretty tasty. Theoretically, you can use an extractor on foundationless frames, but mine were too damaged and wavy (in my non-expert opinion) to try. The alternative is to do like you would with a top-bar hive and chop all the comb into a recepticle (bowl), smash it up (potato masher) and filter it (cheesecloth over seive). The filtering took a few hours (we left it overnight) and worked very well, getting all the wax and bee-bits (I killed a few) out. The first attempt we used three or four layers of cheesecloth which was far too much.


(4 total photos, June 15, 2011) — Filling up the sandbox I built for Adrian.

Random Adrian

(5 total photos, May 25, 2011) — A few recent shots of Adrian doing various two-year-old sorts of things.

From Pig to Pie

(12 total photos, May 25, 2011) — Rendering lard and turning it into pastry and then a delicious pie. See also my Lard Recipe and Pastry Recipe for the yummy details.

Ginger Beer

(3 total photos, May 01, 2011) — Fermenting ginger beer with captured wild yeast.

Kananaskis Turnz

(4 total photos, March 12, 2011) — A great day of skiing in the Kan with Brad.


Prairie Mountain

(5 total photos, October 30, 2010) — A nice fall hike up Prairie Mountain with Adrian and Esther. Adrian wanted to walk, and made it much of the way down.


(5 total photos, 2 videos, May 21, 2010) — Installing my "nuc" (nuclear colony) into their permanent home. Exciting stuff! A few mistakes no doubt, but all seems to be well for now. Neat watching them all come and go.

Coast Ski Trip 2010

(8 total photos, April 13, 2010) — Brad, Jeff and I drove out to the coast to meet Florian for some snow, turns and fun. Florian has some photos also.

Elizabeth Parker Hut

(10 total photos, March 15, 2010) — Family trip into Elizabeth Parker Hut. Great weather, lots of stuff to carry. I don't know how much stuff weighed, but we took a lot of fresh food, canned baby stuff, yoghurt, frozen burritos and pies...needless to say quite a heavy food bag. I remember the trail being fairly flat from before, but it sure seemed hilly this time :)


Ptarmagin Cirque

(2 total photos, July 12, 2009) — Adrian's first hike up at Highwood Pass (Ptarmagin Cirque). Quite a short hike, but definitely the highest he's been yet. He didn't like the wind in the Alpine but otherwise basically just slept.

Adrian Bruce Warren

(4 total photos, May 14, 2009) — Adrian Bruce Warren was born on May 14th, 2009 at 9:47pm weighing 3456 grams.